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Generating electricity using a photovoltaic solar system is a strategic investment for commercial buildings and businesses

Here is why:

• Substantially reduces building energy costs

Solar systems can actually make a utility meter spin backward. New solar customers have the option to switch their utility rate plans to Time of Use (TOU) rate plans that allow them to reduce ‘Peak’ rates and expensive Demand Charges.

• Energy price protection

Few things are as consistent as energy costs constantly increasing. The period 2000-2007 commercial electricity costs rose by 30% or 4.3% annually (source: US Energy Information Administration). That makes it the second fastest growing corporate expense to employee health insurance.

• It is a smart investment

An investment in solar will pay out a return over the life of the system: depending on several variables a solar system can bring a return on investment of 10-15%.

• Adds value to your commercial property

According to Wells Fargo, “For every $1 offset by solar on your electricity bill a business or home will recognize a $20 increase in it’s property value.” If you save $5,000 a year from your solar system then your property could be worth $100,000 more!

• Qualifies for a 30% tax credit

Photovoltaic (PV) solar qualifies for the 30% Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). There is no maximum cap for this credit.

• It is a capital improvement

Commercial solar investments qualify for accelerated depreciation under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), and they are not subject to increased property taxes.

• Good for the environment

It does not pollute and has the lightest carbon footprint of all energy systems.

• It is reliable and Efficient

Technology and experience has made these systems an extremely dependable source of electricity. They stand up to variable and extreme weather conditions and will perform more than 20 + years with minimum maintenance. And best of all, there are no moving parts.

• Branding Statement

By adding a solar PV system to a building you, are making a statement that your building or business is a conscientious member of the community which will differentiate you from your competition

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The time to invest in solar for your commercial property or business is now

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Powering Northern California with Sunshine
11501 Dublin Blvd Ste 200 Dublin CA 94568

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