Powering Northern California with Sunshine

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Why Helios

We are committed to providing commercial property, businesses and homeowners with an easy way to be powered by affordable, clean and reliable solar power. With over 87 years of combined experience in the renewable energy and technology fields; wisdom gives us the competitive edge.

About Helios

Located in the Northern California Bay Area, Helios Services, Inc., is a developer of commercial and residential solar energy projects. Helios makes solar easy. We only use products and components that we believe in. That's why we've partnered with the best companies in the industry, who have been in business for decades. Now is the time to make the switch to solar power for your commercial property or home.

The Helios Leadership Team

Dennis Scullion, President

Dennis is a 30-year veteran in the renewable energy industry, responsible for leading development efforts resulting in over 1,000 MW of renewable energy projects (Wind and Solar). As President of Windtricity from 1982-1995, he led the development of some of the first wind farms in California and the Midwest (335 MW), which continue to operate. In 1996, Dennis joined Cannon Power, an international development company, and was instrumental in developing (50 MW) wind farms in Gujarat, India. In 2001, Dennis became the Southwest Regional Director for EDF Renewables and led the development of 660 MW of wind capacity in California, one of the largest regions for renewable energy in the world. The projects continue to produce energy at high levels to meet California’s needs for renewable energy. As President of Helios Renewables, he and his team pioneered the development of the first largest photovoltaic solar project in California (45 MW in 2011) known as the Avenal Solar Project. Afterwards, Dennis invested in solar and now has major interests in five commercial solar projects in Hawaii that helps meet Hawaii’s renewable energy goals.

Roger Scullion, VP of Operations

Roger has over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry developing wind and solar projects throughout California and the Midwest and more recently marketing and installing residential and commercial solar systems. As co-founder and vice-president of Windtricity from 1982 – 1995 he helped develop some of the first wind farms in California and Midwest totaling 335 MW. As purchasing manager for Cannon Energy he directed the effort to purchase all of the parts for a newly designed wind turbine. In 2001 he was in charge of land acquisition for EDF Renewables in the Tehachapi/Mojave region securing over 12,000 acres of land from numerous landowners to build two large utility scale wind projects totaling 300 MW. As co-founder and vice-president of Helios Renewables he helped co-develop the first largest photovoltaic solar project in California (45 MW in 2011), known as the Avenal Solar Project. In 2014 he co-developed and sold a 20 MW solar project located near Kettleman City, California, which was successfully completed a year later. In 2015 Roger along with his brother Dennis and Jeff Wade, formed a new company to market, design and install solar systems for both commercial and residential customers in the Northern California market.

Jeff Wade, VP of Business Development

Jeff has more than 25 years of sales and leadership experience in the automotive services, pharmaceutical and medical device industries developing new markets, launching innovative products, building brands and leading successful teams. Jeff brings his passion for innovation and leading edge technologies to the fast paced and growing renewable energy field. He has had tremendous success in developing dynamic sales organizations across various businesses, most recently as a Cardiology District Sales Manager, where he was responsible for over $40M in annual sales for Medtronic, plc., the world’s leading company in medical technology, services and solutions.


An investment in solar energy is an investment in your financial future. After conducting a solar onsite analysis to best determine your business or home's energy needs and goals, we create a custom system designed to maximize your return on investment and save you money.



Helios is able to offer many types of financing for any type of budget.  It’s never been a better time to save with solar!  We are committed to making solar energy a viable and affordable option for businesses and homeowners alike. 



We handle all of the work:  Design and engineer your system, submit for permits, order and deliver all parts and components, install the system, facilitate all necessary city inspections, schedule the net meter installation from your power company and provide system monitoring. 

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Helios has the experience required to execute a seamless installation. We understand how to design an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar array.  At Helios, we do our installs right. Our installers are trained by professionals with NABCEP certification – the highest in the industry. This experience helps us get your new solar system up and running fast, so you can start saving money quickly.

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We take pride in the companies we partner with.  We only use products and components we believe in.  That's why we've partnered with the best companies in the industry, who have been in business for decades.

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Helios is committed to giving back to the community through the Helios Charitable Program. The program will provide a $150 donation to a qualified charity* for every Helios Solar installation in the name of the commercial property or homeowner purchasing solar and utilizing Helios for their system installation.  The Helios Charitable Program is unique in that it involves our solar clients in the decision about where to direct our donations.  At Helios, we integrate charitable giving into our business because the community we work in is also our home.
* Qualified charities include organizations created for religious, charitable, educational, scientific or literary purposes.

Powering Northern California with Sunshine
11501 Dublin Blvd Ste 200 Dublin CA 94568

CA Contractor State License Board # 1013004

Helios Services, Inc., is a solar development company specializing in both commercial and residential solar power systems. We’re committed to bringing innovative solar technology to business and homeowners, thus enabling them to produce their own affordable energy and help preserve the environment.